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"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.." [entries|friends|calendar]
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the picture of dorian grey [13 Sep 2012|10:29am]

Has anyone seen the movie The Picture of Dorian Grey? I heard that the ending was different than the book. I read the book but obviously haven't seen the movie. Has anyone read the book and seen the movie? I am interested in opinions about both. I know that movies are rarely like the books but I guess I want opinions if they at least do the book justice. One example is Warhorse. I saw the play and then saw the movie and I think the movie did the play justice. I was very pleased. THe play used puppets and I was worried that the movie would lose the artistic beauty but in my opinion it worked with the real horses. Anyway I hope that I get responses.
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Application =) [15 Nov 2009|03:40pm]

My Application

I hope this community isn't dead! And if it is, hope that it comes back from the dead =)

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Wackness with Mary-Kate Olsen [04 Jul 2008|01:14pm]

The Wackness premiering July 3 brings us back. But it’s none of those silly Olsen flicks we watched before. The film captures the spell of 1994, a time of pagers, not cell phones; a time when and Biggie were alive but had just died.

The Wackness is an offbeat tale of two lost souls stumbling towards maturity. The movie centers upon a troubled high school student Luke Shapiro (Josh Peck), a teenage pot dealer who makes friends with Dr. Jeffrey Squires (Ben Kingsley), a psychiatrist. When the doctor proposes Luke trade him weed for therapy sessions, the two begin to explore both New York City and their own depression.

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That's me [12 Jun 2008|12:15am]

[ mood | amused ]


Hi there!

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New Movie [27 Jan 2007|01:26pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Ever wonder what happened to Ben Savage? Or Interested in knowing what Aaron Ashmore, Johnny Lewis and Autumn Reeser are up too?


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Introductions [11 Jan 2007|02:17pm]

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[16 Aug 2006|03:57pm]


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Hey it's me... [26 May 2006|09:43am]

Hey all. I'm back again. I just wanted to let everyone know that DW Moffett did get a LJ after all. I told him what a great reception I got when I did this and he was really interested.

He's at dw_moffett and he's been in lots of movies and television programs. He'd love to have you stop by and friend him and ask him questions. He's acted with just about everyone in the business, so this is your chance to ask him about his work!!

Thanks again for the great reception. I'll get some numbers on "Special Ed" rentals soon and share them. It's all thanks to you guys, so I appreciate it!!!

Have a good one!
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[18 May 2006|08:46am]

Hey everyone. My name's Jeff Phelps and I'm an actor and director. I'm new to this so if this isn't allowed, I apologize.

My first movie, "Special Ed" just came out in Blockbuster this week. It stars DW Moffett ("Thirteen", "For Your Love"), Greg Germann ("Ally McBeal")and Connie Britton ("Friday Night Lights").

I'm new to Livejournal and just learning my way around things, but I'd love it if you'd stop by and see what's up and maybe friend me. I'm trying to spread the word any way I can.

DW might be getting a LJ too, so if you've seen any of his stuff and like it, keep watching. He'd love to hear from you and so would I.

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Brick [01 May 2006|09:00pm]

I would just like to make a quick post saying that, if you are in an area where the movie Brick is available for screening, PLEASE make it a point to see it as soon as possible. It's the best movie (so far) that I've seen this year. It's a classic detective story,  with a fresh twist that doesn't come off as forced or pretentious. The acting is wonderful, and the lead (Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Brendan Fry), of course, is amazing. If anybody saw Mysterious Skin you'll know what I mean. The music is terrific. The script is witty, but not beatyouovertheheadlookatmei'mclever witty. It's an all around solid film, but I won't go too much into plot. Basically Brendan is a high school student trying to help out his ex-girlfriend who's mixed up in some crazy stuff. I suggest you don't even know what it's about before seeing it. Some people don't like the film but that's because they're idiots and don't want to admit they couldn't understand it. Haha, kidding. Sort of. OK, I'm not the best at this sort of thing but believe me, this movie is amazing. And if anyone saw it and disagrees...por que?

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10 Reasons [25 Apr 2006|11:35am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

10 Reasons to come to Modesto Califnoria

Hi, my sister and I are aspiring film-makers, we really need support on our first film (above) we know the quailty and camera technique is pretty shitty but we just want to take it easy, do a pretty simple one camera documentary.

more about the filmCollapse )

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Duck Season [22 Apr 2006|05:06pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I saw Duck Season a couple days ago and I loved it. I wanted to see what other people who have seen it thought of it.

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[15 Apr 2006|04:57pm]

[ mood | cranky ]


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Reapplying! [23 Feb 2006|05:57pm]

[ mood | bored ]


The Basics
Name: Melissa
Age: 19
DOB: 08031986
Zodiac: Leo
Location: New Hampshire

Movies: Edward Scissorhands, SLC Punk, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Wizard of Oz
Actors: Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp
Actresses: Kate Winslet, Jody Foster
Books: Green Angel, Van Gogh Blues

Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Last movie you saw in the theaters: Fun w/ Dick and Jane
Last movie you bought: Waiting...
Last movie you rented: Flight Plan
Last movie you saw that you hated: Flight Plan
Last movie you saw that you loved: Fight Club
Why should you be accepted to this community: Because I'm a huge movie fanatic and love them all!! :)

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VALENTINE'S DAY [14 Feb 2006|03:58pm]

Hey! It's Valentine's Day...what is your favorite love movie?

My favorite is Shakespeare in Love :-D It's a lovely movie...if you haven't seen it i'd recommend it!!
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[12 Feb 2006|04:12pm]


applicationCollapse )

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Not Promoting...Just to help.... [11 Feb 2006|11:04am]


Rather than making super long posts over and over again with updates on the Posters...I just made a LJ that way you can go look there :) Friend me if ya like too so you can continue to check back :)


I also looked through the older posters too and posted them as well :)  Lemme know if you're interested!

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Elizabethtown [10 Feb 2006|03:03pm]

Has anyone seen the movie Elizabethtown? I just saw a commercial for it and I remember wanting to see it when it was out in theaters and I never had the chance to. So I was wondering if anyone else has seen it. If so if you would write a quick review that would be lovely. I'm just curious to hear other's opinions on the movie.


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Application [09 Feb 2006|03:33pm]

[ mood | sick ]

The Basics
Name: Caitlin.
Age: Soon to be 17. :)
DOB: March 12.
Zodiac: Pisces.
Location: Delaware.

Movies: It's like trying to choose your favorite child, but some of my top choices are Fight Club, Almost Famous, The Good Girl, Anchorman, Brokeback Mountain, Good Will Hunting, The Breakfast Club, That Thing You Do!, Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Dogma.
Actors: Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Dustin Hoffman, Steve Carell, Matt Damon, Cary Grant, Jack Black, George Clooney, Adrien Brody, Zach Braff, and Donald Faison.
Actresses: Kate Winslet, Liv Tyler, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, and Lauren Bacall.
Books: Choke, Jarhead, The Things They Carried, To Kill A Mockingbird, and the Harry Potter series...it's a guilty pleasure.

Coke or Pepsi: Coke. (I loved Vanilla Coke but they discontinued it...bastards.)
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.
Coffee or Tea: I'm not a big fan of either.
Last movie you saw in the theaters: King Kong & Brokeback Mountain in the same weekend.
Last movie you bought: There was a sale at Border's about 2 weeks ago, and I ended up buying four DVDs. The Good Girl, High Fidelity, Unfaithful, and Fear. Fear is so bad it's good. Nothing says cinematic gold like a beheaded dog.
Last movie you rented: I actually work at a video rental place, and I honestly take out so many for free that I don't remember the last one I rented.
Last movie you saw that you hated: Bewitched. It was on at the store and I couldn't even watch it.
Last movie you saw that you loved: The last two I saw in theaters were the newest ones I've seen that I've loved.
Why should you be accepted to this community: My entire LIFE is movies. I watch them when I'm bored, when I'm busy, and quote and reference them in my daily life. I'm known for it, actually. In my last 3-day weekend, I watched 7 movies. Though I'm not yet sure of the particular college major that I will pursue, I want to do something in film or television production. I'm a whore for entertainment in general. If I didn't watch movies, I would literally go insane.

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Watch MY video? while it is not banned [09 Feb 2006|10:51am]

"Titanic Returns" 12min
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