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10 Reasons

10 Reasons to come to Modesto Califnoria

Hi, my sister and I are aspiring film-makers, we really need support on our first film (above) we know the quailty and camera technique is pretty shitty but we just want to take it easy, do a pretty simple one camera documentary.

The idea started a few months ago I was wandering aimlessly through a friends web page 'Meeting Lee Tergesen'. I started to think 'aww they live in New York, I'll Probably never get to meet him.' This thought and a few other brainless events led to the idea to make a short film to convince Lee Tergesen & Chris Meloni to come to Modesto California. (where I live) If I can't go to them, they must come to me.

Well, we've just finished the screenplay and we'e ready to film. The film itself is more of a satire and we don't really expect Lee or Chris to show up, it better shows the insanity and humorisly dangerous sides of Modesto. Modesto is manily known for it's high amount of Meth Houses, Car Jackings, prison poulation & punk rock kids.

The film will showcase me and my many friends and our lives in Modesto as well as slamming hollywood, various actors and about a billion refrences to Chris, Lee and OZ.

We would really appreciate your support or just constructive critisim. It should be released around July 20th.
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